San Antonio approves ban on tobacco product sales under age 21; Texas Supreme Court hears plastic bag ban case

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - San Antonio is bracing for a new ban prohibiting tobacco sales to anyone under the age of 21.

San Antonio's city council approved the ban Thursday in a 9 to 2 vote. It will take effect on October 1.

A similar law already went into effect in the entire state of California and four other states, and now the Alamo City will ban tobacco products the same way-- effectively raising the age to purchase from 17 to 21.

The ban covers virtually all tobacco products, and it also includes vaping.

Supporters say this move is necessary to protect public health.

But critics say the new ordinance is ridiculous because it only targets retailers selling the products and doesn't do anything to punish the users.

Political observers say now that it passed, this could be the beginning of a 'Tobacco 21' movement all across the Lone Star State!

And speaking of bans, what's up with Texas cities banning plastic bags?

Well, thanks to a landmark Texas Supreme Court case, the answer may be coming soon.

On Thursday, the state supremes heard oral arguments on the City of Laredo's plastic bag ban case.

Local merchants want the ban struck down because they claim a state law overrules the local ban.

If the supremes agree, that could wipe out plastic bag bans from Austin to Port Aransas.

State Attorney General Ken Paxton issued a statement saying, "Municipalities do not get to violate Texas law just because they feel like it."

Paxton says the Texas Health and Safety Code points out state law takes priority when it comes to restricting plastic bags.

So, which way will the state high court rule?