Some customers creeped out after bats spotted flying inside Walmart in Alvin

ALVIN, Texas -- Several bats were spotted flying around Walmart in Alvin on Monday, and since the sightings, multiple videos posted to Facebook have gained nationwide attention.

In the small town, Walmart is the central place for most people to do their shopping. Customers have mixed feelings about sharing their shopping space with bats.

"I shop here every day almost. I come here for everything; groceries, everything. I wish it would be cleaner because we get our food there. I was scared to go there yesterday so I went to HEB, I'm not going to lie, " Sonia Rodriguez said.

"I don't mind them if they don't bite me. They just stay in the ceiling anyways," Krysta Pitts said.

Apparently though, bat sightings aren't totally uncommon at the store.

"I was in there the other night. There were like five or six of them. No big deal. They come there all the time," Pitts said.

In fact, two other customers have posted videos of bats in the store on Facebook, from February and July of 2017.

But Alvin officials said this is the first time they've ever heard anything about it. The city's health department has conducted multiple inspections since the bat sightings. During one of those inspections, Alvin authorities said bat droppings were spotted in the lawn and garden area of the store, but have since been removed.

"All of the inspections have come back without the health inspector seeing any indication of bats in the store," Dixie Roberts, Public Information Officer at the City of Alvin said.

Walmart released a statement saying, "We are working with our health and safety team as well as the health department to safely remove the bats from our Alvin store and will continue to provide a clean and safe shopping experience. We have identified the point of entry and are working with qualified contractors to ensure the integrity of the building."

No injuries have been reported.

Alvin health officials will continue to conduct inspections until further notice.

Roberts said if bats are spotted anywhere near the food department, the health inspector could decide to shut down the store entirely.