6th grader at Fort Bend ISD denied lunch over 50-cent lunch debt!

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas—There's nothing quite like the sound of the lunch bell for any 6th grader.

But 12-year-old Matthew Williams was denied lunch at James Bowie Middle School for 50 cents!

"I was hungry and my head hurt. I felt dizzy a little bit," Matthew said.

His mother, KaraAnn Williams, said she couldn't believe Matthew was left hungry for an entire school day over such a small amount.

"I was upset and astonished. I mean really? 50 cents?" Williams said.

Just before Christmas break, Matthew said he was trying to get a drink and a bag of chips from the cafeteria.

"I went to pay and the lady said, 'I'm sorry, you don't have any more money. And I said, 'Ok. Can I get anything else?' and she said, 'No, I'm sorry,'" Matthew said.

A punishment that seemed a little unfair, considering this wasn't the first time students and faculty have run out of money on their accounts, Williams said.

"Sometimes my other friends are negative and they still get food," Matthew said.

"The principal called me today and apologized. In fact, he said he ran out of a few dollars just today. I have three kids that go to Fort Bend ISD and they've always been able to eat, so I'm just not sure why Matthew wasn't given that same opportunity," Williams said.

Fort Bend ISD officials said students are allowed to charge meals up to $18.75 if they're in middle school and up to $17.50 if they're in elementary school.

Williams said the principal has also told her he plans on making sure this doesn't happen again, to anyone else.