Car pulls New Hampshire man on skis down a street

PORTSMOUTH, NH -- These days, there’s no limit to what people will do to go viral on social media.

Take, for instance, one guy from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. His viral video posted to Instagram account "Rise In The East" shows the skier being pulled down the street by a car and it already has over 5,000 views.

Although his followers think it's pretty cool, police aren't too happy with the street shenanigans.

“Clearly not the brightest idea we've seen. This is so dangerous. Not only for the person being pulled, which is obvious from the fall, but the streets are narrow right now, large snow banks on both sides of the street,” said Police Chief Robert Merner.

Merner first saw the video over the weekend. “I can tell you, if that's something an officer observed, the driver would be cited for that. It's not an arrestable offense, but clearly there's reckless operation,” said Merner.

Merner says there are some people who use skis to get around after big storms, but this went a little too far.

"Just the potential for injury and something bad to happen there, is just far too great,” Merner said.

The video didn't have a happy ending either, the skier crashed face first into the street.

“That fall that he takes, I consider it to be significant,” said Merner.

Portsmouth police still haven't been able to identify the skier, but they are reminding residents to stick to the slopes, not the street.