Family spends nearly six months hiking Appalachian Trail

WISCONSIN—The Volkmann family has quickly gained the social media title of "The Fam" after spending nearly six months hiking 850 miles of the 2,200-mile Appalachian Trail.

"It's funny, because a lot of people I met, especially men along the trail, would say, 'I wish I could do this with my family, and I was like, 'why not?” said father, Tom Volkmann.

The 800 mile stretch between Maine and New Jersey was no easy feat for the parents and their two children, 13-year old timothy, and 7-year old Isabella, who were there every step of the way.

“The Fam" worked together to complete the hike. "It was heavy, and also the weight on my back was a little irritating, so my mommy and daddy actually took some of that weight and put it in their backpack,” said Isabella.

Isabella and Timothy were home schooled during their trek, and traded traditional text books for some hands-on experiences. "I think I learned a lot more than when I would be sitting in a desk. I am stronger mentally and physically,” said Timothy.

Along the trail there were some difficult times.

"Sometimes going uphill is steep. Sometimes going downhill is steep, especially with those acorns when you slip on them, that rolled me down the mountain,” Isabella said.

“The Fam” says hiking hundreds of miles together made reaching the finish line so worth it. "To know that we're stronger than we think, and if we can make it through these mountains, we can make it through anything,” said mom, Heather Volkmann.

Although they didn't complete the trail they are open to finishing it sometime in the future.