Spirit of service alive and well in Houston on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

HOUSTON—Interfaith Ministries honored Dr. Martin Luther King's legacy by offering Houston’s youth a chance to serve.

“Martin Luther King, Jr. Was such a proponent of service, an advocate for service to the community. We are here today with about 200 youth.  To come together and serve side by side. To serve our clients for meals on wheels and refugee services and to just get a good spirit and give back to our Houston community,” said Bethany Boucher with Interfaith Ministries.

Youth from all faiths and all walks of life volunteered for the Meals on Wheels program by creating birthday bags with cookies and also breakfast bags that go out once a week for Interfaith Ministry clients.

“Martin Luther King helped out a lot of people and I feel like the best way to honor him is to come out and help other people,” said volunteer Elias Han.

To accompany the meals on wheels, animeals are packed up for their clients four legged friends.

“In 2007, the Meals on Wheels drivers noticed that the clients were feeding their lunches to their cats and dogs.  They would actually just set their lunch on the ground beause they would rather go without food than have their beloved pets go without food.  So obviously that's not good for the clients or their pets, so Animeals on Wheels was born,” said Heather Mann a Volunteer Coordinator at Interfaith Ministries.

Along with food assistance, the volunteers make flashcards to help refugees master the English language. They also partner with Freewheels Houston, which helps kids restore donated bikes for refugees.

“They arrive in Houston, everything's new, they've been living at a camp for years, they have very very few resources, but they're expected to go to work almost immediately, and they need transportation. Think about if you have 15 minutes, how far you can walk and how far can you ride?' said Founder and Director of Freewheels Houston, Bill Mintz.

“I love helping out so I always usually go places and do service hours like this, and this is one of best ones I’ve ever done,” said volunteer Samiha Momin.

There's plenty of things going on in the world that would trouble Dr. King, but you have to believe seeing this would make him smile.