HPD: Drunken driver hits two officers patrolling 18-wheeler accident on North Loop

HOUSTON — An alleged drunken driver crashed into two Houston police vehicles while officers were directing traffic caused by an accident involving an 18-wheeler early Wednesday on the 610 North Loop.

Houston police responded around 2:15 a.m. to an accident on the freeway near N. Shepherd Drive.

The police department said four responding officers created a barricade with flashing lights using their patrol vehicles.

The victims were working from inside their respective police SUVs while the other officers were away diverting drivers to the feeder roads. That’s when police said the suspect’s car broke through the vehicle barricade, hitting the two officers.

The officers were taken to the hospital as a precaution but were discharged shortly afterwards and returned to the police station.

The suspected drunken driver was taken into custody and is expected to face DWI charges.

“When you have the ice and you have an extremely intoxicated suspect– it’s extremely dangerous,” HPD Sgt. Robert Klementich said.

The following images were taken at the scene: