Good job, Houston! Mayor Turner praises efforts to get homeless people into warming centers

HOUSTON — Although it was another day of lounging around the house for many Houston resident, the city was slowly getting back to normal Wednesday.

During a city council meeting, Mayor Sylvester Tuner praised local law enforcement for their efforts in getting the homeless off the cold streets and into warming centers.

"As a result of you all's effort, we had over 500 that came off the street, and into shelters, so let me thank you," Turner said.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo and the Homeless Outreach Team worked long hours to convince people to seek shelter.

"A lot of homeless, they would not go the first couple times, but by the third, fourth, fifth time, a lot of them headed the warnings," Acevedo said.

Unfortunately, Turner said one homeless person did die and two others suffered from hypothermia. With another hard freeze Wednesday night, he encouraged people to seek shelter again.

"The weather event really puts a lot of emphasis on getting them off the street, but let me tell you in the long term, the best answer is getting them off the street, period."

He also warned drivers to be very careful driving home Wednesday night, because it's likely the roads will freeze once again.

Turner added that all three airports are fully operational, and come Thursday, the city will be, too.

"We will resume normal operations. Municipal court will be open, the multi-service centers will be open, all employees are expected to be back at their post."

Ice job, everybody! Now, shake it off and get back to work!