Harvey victims share horror stories with state officials while pleading for immediate Harvey Relief

HOUSTON - As Houston thaws out from the arctic blast, many Houstonians are still trying to recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey.

"There are a little over 4,000 that are still in hotels," Mayor Sylvester Turner said.

The mayor and state representatives from the Urban Affairs Committee met for a hearing on housing needs at City Hall Thursday.

A group of area residents hit hard by the flood shared their Harvey horror stories at the hearing.

"I don't know where to go from here because I was making a pretty good living before, not making a living now," one man said. "I'm struggling to survive. I don't know where my next meal coming from most of the time."

"I need help," another Harvey survivor pleaded. "FEMA turned me down and told me my house was livable and I have mold all through my house growing."

Governor Greg Abbott extended disaster declaration for the 60 counties impacted by Harvey, which means residents in those counties are still eligible for assistance as they try to rebuild after the storm.

With FEMA extending hotel stay deadlines for eligible displaced residents from Harvey until March 12, funds for all relief are running tight.

To make matters worst, funding delays are also holding Houston back from preparing against future flooding.

"We can mitigate floods right now if Congress acted," Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush told officials at the hearing.

Frustrated victims from Harvey are still left asking will there be real relief in sight?