How Houstonians emerge from the thaw after winter storm passes

HOUSTON — As Houston begins to slowly thaw out, Memorial Park, usually bustling with activity, is barren but for a few very determined athletes.

”Gyms are closed today and I’m in the middle of training for a half Iron Man and I’m pretty sure my coach would not let the weather be an excuse. So I am out here braving the little bit warmer weather than yesterday to get some of my training done… I’m completely layered. I have my tights, my thermals, my pants, couple layers of shirts, thermals underneath, gloves, hat, long socks, I’ve put as much as I can on to still be able to move and run,” says Chad Hurta.

But across town in Missouri City, the great thaw of 2018 can’t come quickly enough.

The crackle of air pursing through frozen pipes is a sound no one wants to wake up to. To the rescue? David Brown-Britton with Britton Waterworks Plumbing.

“We’re out at a client’s house that did everything right, but still has frozen pipes,” Brown-Britton says. “This is the main water line entry into the home, usually right around in here or somewhere in here you’re going to have ice inside of your line, even if you insulated… what you would do is call a plumber, they have equipment can either unfreeze it here or unfreeze it in the attic just depends on where it’s frozen.”

Wrapping your pipes, and setting the first faucet in your line to a small stream is still important.

And having an inspection done can save hundreds down the road.  Oye, here’s to a warmer weekend.  This icy weather’s for the birds.