Michigan couple fighting to keep 4 potbelly pigs in their home

YPSILANTI, Mich. - A Michigan family lives with four potbelly pigs in their home, but city officials say these pigs are nothing more than livestock-- and therefore, against the law.

"This is Vinny. He is our second oldest," pig owner Jeffery Rowland said.

Now, the city wants these four pigs put out to pasture.

But the Rowland family says not so fast!

They claim these four 150-pound pigs are 'emotional support' pigs.

The couple are on disability, and they say the pigs help ease the symptoms of anxiety and bipolar disorder.

"What you have to have is doctors notes," Stephanie Rowland insisted. "I have between me and Jeff eleven doctors who say: 'Yes, they need this.'"

But that's not good enough for local officials who see the pigs as only one thing, 'livestock.'

City attorneys say pigs do not qualify as service animals under the law, so there will be no exceptions.

"I am very worried for my wife," Jeffrey shared.

The family says the pigs do more than just provide emotional support, one is even trained to help make sure their blood sugar doesn't get too low.

Stephanie told the story of how the pig nudged her suddenly. "And I'm drinking, and he left me alone once I started eating."

The whole ordeal has been enough to make this family go hog-wild to keep their pigs, so they are taking their case to court.

Yep, they say their pet pigs are more like family, and they just can't imagine life without them around.

Still, officials say no pigs in the city limits!

Now it looks like this fight will be settled this spring when a judge makes a ruling as soon as March.

In the meantime, the Rowlands get to keep their pigs, so they're in hog heaven!