Railroad safety tips following several train collisions with pedestrians

HOUSTON -- Flashing lights, crossing gates and extremely loud horns.

All are clear warning signs designed to tell drivers one thing. MOVE! And get out of the way.

When it comes to crossing the railroad tracks, some drivers are putting the pedal to the medal trying to beat the odds and playing an impossible game of chicken.

"And that's never a race anybody wants to take on, because losing that race could cost you your life," said Jeff Degraff of Union Pacific.

Two teens in Fort Bend County collided into an on-coming train near FM 762 at FM 2759.

Witnesses said the car ignored warning signs before being struck by the train, leaving the two teens in critical condition.

"In the past year there have been over thirty railway incidents in the Houston area," Degraff said.

It's not just a Houston thing, deadly train crashes are happening across the country.

Earlier this week, Florida reported three incidents in eight days.

Talk about trouble on the tracks.