Missouri man kills his neighbor after mistaking victim’s house for his own

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MISSOURI— A Missouri man is charged with first degree involuntary manslaughter for the death of his neighbor.

Michael Augustine, 43, believed he was at home and his neighbor Clifton King, 60, had broke in.

Augustine, who lived further down the block, called 911, and said he had an intruder at his home in a choke hold. When the officers made it to his house they found no one there. They later found both men up the street at King's house.

King died in his front yard Friday night.

A neighbor didn't want to be on camera because the incident made her concerned for her own safety, but she said she watched paramedics try to revive king, a military veteran, for about half an hour.

“He served our country and that was not an honorable way to treat him and I think it's sad, someone had to give up their life because someone was so messed up they wouldn't know it wasn't their home.”

Police believe Augustine was drunk since his speech was incoherent and he smelled like alcohol. Although prosecutors have charged Augustine, neighbors say he's already posted bond and moved out of the area.

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