Women make the most difficult family members, study shows

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Berkeley, Calif— A warning for men - the comments you make on this next story could result in a night spent sleeping on the couch.

Researchers at the University of California Berkeley found that women are the most difficult family members to live with.

Before anyone throws out words like 'misogyny' or 'patriarchy,' know that over half of the 1,100 participants in the school's research were women!  They were asked to identify and reveal how difficult their more than 12,000 relationships were.

At the same time, women are also identified as being the most emotionally invested in their family's lives.  This goes to explain why what was seen as difficult behavior is a product of that investment. Overall, people considered 15 percent of their relationships as quote 'difficult.'  That held true for only 7 percent of "friends," far shorter than "family."

Makes sense to us.

You may get to choose who you're friends with. But when it comes yo family, sometimes you have to play the hand you're dealt.


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