Skeletal remains found inside Heights home last year identified as a woman missing since 2015

HOUSTON  - We finally have a name to go along with the skeletal remains found inside that Heights home last year. Mary Cerruti.  The 61-year-old had been missing since 2015.

There are several mysteries surrounding the case, but there are a few key facts, too.

First, tax records indicate Cerruti bought the 1930's bungalow in 2001.  By 2015, she had missed several mortgage payments for the property at 610 Allston Street.  Her mail began piling up and, in August of that year, a friend reported her missing.  Police found several dead and decaying cats inside the modest home.

The bank sought foreclosure in July of 2016.  Liens were settled, the house was cleaned out, placed on the market and, eventually, sold.

Fast-forward to March 2017.

Renters moved in and made a horrific discovery in the attic.  They found skeletal remains inside a crawl space.  Though authorities suspected they belonged to the missing former homeowner, decomposition made a positive ID extremely difficult.  Only eye glasses and shoes were still intact.

Just this week, 10 months since the bones were found, medical examiners positively identified the remains.

As for how she died? That still remains a mystery.  Even more bizarre, how did her body end up behind pieces of plywood in her own home?

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