HPD: Man arrested after stealing truck and tires in north Houston

HOUSTON— The Houston Police Department have arrested a man accused of allegedly stealing a truck and multiple tires.

Police were in the process of conducting a routine traffic stop around 1:35 a.m.  on Hwy 290 at Fairbanks N. Houston, when the license plates of the truck came back stolen.

The driver, refusing to pullover led police on a chase from Clay Rd. down Beltway 8, to W. Little York. The driver made a sharp turn coming off of  529 onto Huffmeister where he lost control of the truck, flipping it, and crashing into a fire hydrant.

Multiple tires were thrown from the truck bed onto the street.

The man escaped unharmed and led police on a short foot chase through a nearby business parking lot.

He was arrested and faces UUMV and Felony Evading charges.