Colonel Sanders is a lady, and she looks like Reba McEntire!

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — It’s Reba! Or is it?

“All right, stop, stop. I can’t do this,” Reba McEntire says, ripping off her signature auburn locks to show a short, gray patch of hair in her new Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial. “I thought if I dressed up like a country music legend, it would help KFC sell my delicious new Smoky Mountain Barbecue.”

Yep, Fancy is no longer her name. Starting this week, this country music legend has changed her tune.

"I'm Colonel Sanders, the same as always..." she sings in her special twang, tongue-in-cheek trying to convince the audience it's not really Reba.

For the first time, KFC's Colonel Harland Sanders is being played by a woman, whether she admits it or not.

"I swear I'm not a famous woman..." she sings on.

And while a few internet bozos are taking offense to a commercial for barbecue chicken, saying things like the Colonel's "turning over in his grave"...