Chase suspect dies after being shot in head by Conroe officer, police say

CONROE, Texas — The Conroe Police Department released dash cam footage Monday after a suspect was fatally shot in the head by officers over the weekend.

The suspect has been identified as Gregory Kocian, 33.

Officers responded to a suspicious persons report at Kashmiersky Park on Magnolia Road around 9:30 a.m.

Investigators said the suspect was driving away when police arrived. Police said responding officers signaled the car to pull over, but the driver refused and a chase ensued.

A passenger was also in the car, police said.

In the video, police followed the suspect down Magnolia Road for several miles before coming to FM 2854 where an occupant in the car reportedly fired multiple shots at a police sergeant who was posted at the intersection.

The officer returned fire, hitting Kocian.

Police said the vehicle continued north where it slowed considerably and entered the grassy area where it stopped. In the video, a person sitting in the front passenger seat puts both his hands out the car window and waves them for police to see.

Kocian was taken to Conroe Regional Hospital in critical condition where he was later pronounced dead.