House Intel Committee votes to #ReleaseTheMemo on alleged DOJ and FBI surveillance abuses

WASHINGTON— A storm has been brewing in D.C. over a highly controversial GOP memo from the House Intelligence Committee and a recent vote may allow the public to see it.

The memo's key issue is the question of whether or not DOJ and FBI officials used false pretenses regarding the now infamous Trump dossier to secure FISA warrants to spy on Trump Campaign officials during the 2016 Presidential Election and transition period.

The speculation is that the memo could open up Pandora's Box and basically call for the 'Mother of all Investigations!'

But Democrats have a different take on the memo.

The Dems plan to release a separate memo showing inaccuracies in the GOP memo.

A Twitter movement with the #ReleaseTheMemo has been growing to push for releasing the four-page document which reportedly profiles extreme surveillance abuses by the Department of Justice and the FBI, and it names names!

One of the names rumored to be in the FISA memo is FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who stepped down on Monday.

Although McCabe indicated last year he planned to retire in March, his sudden departure from the bureau adds fuel to the controversial memo.

Since McCabe has also been associated with some anti-trump text messages between two FBI employees during the 2016 Presidential Campaign, McCabe has been under plenty of scrutiny.

McCabe's replacement is Associate Deputy Director David Bowdich.

The whole complex scenario sounds almost unbelievable and is filled with Russian operatives and even an English spy.

But, as crazy as it all sounds, if the GOP memo proves to be true their side of the aisle could call it a bigger scandal than Watergate.

And that may be the hardest memo of all to receive!

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