Super Blue Blood Moon to appear early Wednesday morning

HOUSTON -- Early risers are in for a treat because a Super Blue Blood Moon is on the rise early Wednesday morning.

"Around 5:47 a.m., the moon is going to start in the shadow of the Earth and you'll see part of the Earth gone, then by 6:51 you have totality which is the blood part, then by 7:13 you have the moon setting in the west and the sun rising in the east at exactly the same time," said Vice President of Astronomy at the Houston Museum of Natural Science Dr. Carolyn Sumners.

Sumners says the further west you go, the better view you'll get, but if its too cloudy you wont see it. She also says it's better to watch from a taller building.

"You don't need a telescope or binoculars, but you can use them. But the real important thing is to have something good for breakfast and be in a place where you have a really good western horizon, " said Sumner.