Houston man who stole ‘flashy pants’ from store sentenced to 45 years in prison for firing at police, DA says

HOUSTON — A Houston bandit, who prosecutors said hid in an attic and fired a gun at SWAT officers trying to arrest him, has been sentenced to 45 years in prison.

Anthony House, 27, was convicted of a July 2015 aggravated assault of a public servant following a three-day trial that wrapped up late Tuesday.

“These officers were professional, patient, and put their lives on the line to keep our community safe,” Assistant District Attorney Brittney Aaron said.

“There was no reason for House to open fire on them except he didn’t want to be held accountable for his crimes, and a Harris County jury agreed,” Aaron said.

House was also convicted of an aggravated robbery that same month in which he held two clerks at gunpoint at the Slam Dunk clothing store.

House stole a fistful of money from the register and a pair of flashy black and white pants, police said.

When Houston police sought to arrest House days later, officers said he evaded them in a car chase and then fled on foot to a friend’s home on Tangiers.

Officers surrounded the property and used a loud speaker to order him to surrender, House reportedly climbed up to the attic and hunkered down.

When officers pulled open the attic hatch, House shot at them five times. No one was hit.

When House was arrested, he was allegedly wearing the same pants he’d stolen from Slam Dunk, one of numerous robberies he was believed to have had a role in, from stick-up man to getaway driver.

Aaron prosecuted the case along with Assistant District Attorney Andrea Koch.