Florida high school employee fired after Snapchat video shows questionable activity with teenage boy at party

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FLORIDA—A Snapchat video has cost a Florida High School employee her job. The video shows the registrar at Sarasota High School bumping a teenage boy with her body.

“The kid is a high school student. He's allowed to make some stupid decisions. We all still do that, but to take on a position authority,” said Sarasota resident Matthew Dragner.

The biggest surprise was finding out that the party was hosted by the Assistant Principal, Bethany King, at her home.

“I think it's fairly inappropriate, you take on that kind of job, you have some sort of responsibility,” said Dragner.

The boy was a Riverview High School student who says he found the party's location on Snapchat. He told police he was drinking and didn't know the teacher in his video or who the host was.

“Have your own party, but not with the kids,” Dragner said.

The registrar has been fired and Assistant Principal King has been reassigned and is no longer working with students.

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