Let the Super Bowl LII trash talk begin

HOUSTON - Some are already calling Super Bowl 52 the worst  Super bowl ever!

The Patriots have deflategate and spygate. The green birds just have issues with greased up poles, a career-ending tackle for Dallas Cowboys Michael Irvin, and a big crack problem -- just ask the Liberty Bell.

Vegas odds say the Pats will de-feather the Eags by five. However, an NFL meme of who Americans are rooting for clearly paints the board green, except in the New England area and, of course, Dallas.

Two out of three animal psychics agree. A hippo in Cincinnati and a panda in Memphis predict the Eagles will be triumphant, while a long-necked giraffe gnaws the Patriots all the way to the winner's circle.

But we're in the mood for some real trash talk by the underdogs so we headed to the closest thing in Texas to Philly cuisine -- Texadelphia. Watch the video to see what folks there had to say!