Dogs locate cat missing for nearly a week at Seattle airport

SEATTLE, WA.— The thought of losing a pet is unimaginable, especially inside a busy airport terminal.

Jim Branson, who runs Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue near Seattle, is familiar with these types of calls.

"We get called to the airport about 10 times a year," Branson said.

And that's exactly what happened when a furry feline named 'Mr. Kitty' got lost at the Sea-Tac Airport.

Yeah, dogs were actually called in to locate a cat!

"Cats don't like to be found by dogs, of course," Branson pointed out. "In this case,  Mr. Kitty just talked back to us. He didn't seem to mind."

Mr. Kitty was missing in action for nearly a week!

Turns out Mr. Kitty's owners were on a stop-over at the airport on their way to Japan, and Mr. Kitty spent five days fending for himself all over the airport.

Who knows what he was really up to?

"The thing that happens most often is people open a crate when they should have just waited until they were in a a safe area," Branson said.

Well, thanks to the dogs, Mr. Kitty was safely reunited with his owners.

Now that's one doggone cool cat!