Employee throws boiling hot water in boss’ face

MIAMI, Fla.— A disgruntled employee was out for revenge against one of her bosses and is now facing jail time for her actions.

Claudio Salcedo manages a truck stop in Davie, Florida, North of Miami and says one of his employees, threw scalding hot water in his face.

The entire incident was caught on tape.

“Right after it sinked in my face just started burning, and I thought it was acid at some point because it just kept sizzling. All I remember her saying was, so you've been trying to get rid of me, and immediately after the boiling water came to my face,” said Salcedo.

Salcedo says he and two other bosses had a meeting with his employee Jondre Thomas, about her work.  Salcedo said it didn't go very well, and she got upset and stormed out. A few minutes later, Thomas, caught up with Salcedo outside and threw the cup of hot water in his face.

“It sinked in right after and my face just started burning,” Salcedo.

Despite the burns you can see Salcedo take off and try to catch Thomas after the incident yelling at others nearby to call the police.

“I noticed she started running and immediately I thought we have to reprimand her and call the authorities,” Salcedo said.

Thomas got away but was arrested at her home and is now facing one count of aggravated battery.

Salcedo suffered second degree burns and his scars could be permanent, but with all that has happened Salcedo says he forgives Thomas.

“I forgive her absolutely I forgive her,” Salcedo said.