After SB LII, the thrill of victory for a Philly fan– and the agony of defeat for the Pats’ Gronkowski

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PHILADELPHIA, Penn. - Love 'em or hate 'em, you have to admit the Philadelphia Eagles have some pretty hardcore devoted fans.

Not that destroying your city after winning the Super Bowl scores any extra points....but check out one guy's obsession with Philly's big win in the big game.

"It was the greatest play that I have ever seen in my entire life," Eagles fan Dan Morgan insisted.

Who knew a trick play would become immortalized in ink?

Yep, the win was such a big bucket list moment for the Eagles super fan who won't wear it on his sleeve for the rest of his life.....he'll wear it under his skin in a tattoo!

What a way to celebrate a super victory!

Meanwhile, not to add insult to injury but New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski not only lost the Super Bowl, but he came home only to find his home had been broken into!

"Mr. Gronkowski was a victim of a residential burglary last night.  That call came in about 6:18 p.m.," Foxborough Police Chief William Baker said.

Looks like some crooks must have been paying attention to Gronk's ads that 'Greatness is earned.'

Not only did the thieves seem to pull off the perfect caper, they still haven't been caught!

A neighbor reportedly saw a gate to the property open on Super Bowl Sunday and thought it was odd, but didn't call the cops.

Police say 'multiple safes' and 'possible guns' were lifted during the heist.

What a painful combo to come home to!

Oh well, Gronk, as long as you don't retire....there's always next season!

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