Houston apartments are unsafe and improperly managed, UT Law study says

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HOUSTON -- We know that Houston is the fourth largest city in the nation, with nearly 4,000 apartment complexes, but there might be a problem because a new study coming out of the University of Texas is saying that apartment living in Houston is unsafe.

The study says that Houston's apartment safety system is "flawed, fractured and improperly managed."

Andy Teas of the Houston Apartment Association says the Public Works Department has a very good inspection program, but the the fire department does the same tasks. He credits the city with working on coordinating those programs better and revamping them to be more efficient.

"We work closely with the City of Houston on apartment regulation and I think the City of Houston does a better job than most cities regulating apartments, but certainly there's always room for improvement," said Teas.

"One of the things that Houston could do better is coordinate more efficiently between the different departments that inspect apartment properties."



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