Strange Science: Lasers reveal ancient network of cities beneath Guatemalan jungle, ancient spider discovered, too

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MAYA BIOSPHERE RESERVE, Guatemala - We're learning a lot more about the ancient Mayan civilization, thanks to some sophisticated high-tech mapping tools using lasers.

Through laser scans, scientists have uncovered tens of thousands of structures underneath the Guatemalan jungles where a vast Mayan civilization once thrived.

The evidence shows there was an ancient network of cities home to millions more people than originally thought!

Scientists now say the Mayan Megalopolis housed 60,000 houses, palaces and elevated highways, which were hidden for centuries.

The high-tech laser involved uses a revolutionary technology called 'LiDar'.....which stands for Light Detection and Ranging.

The new findings suggest the Maya civilization was actually able to literally move mountains!

And thanks to such incredible technology, who knows what scientists might dig up next?

Meanwhile, nearly a world away in Myanmar, scientists discovered an ancient spider preserved in amber.

The ancient creature actually had eight legs, a pair of fangs and even a whip-like tail!

Actually, they found four of the specimens, each about three millimeters long.

But scientists say they aren't really spiders.....just a close relative that crawled around southeast Asia alongside ancient spiders for millions of years.

Still, ancient or not, looks like quite a creepy crawler....and with fangs, too!

Until next time, stay strange!

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