Houston area teacher goes viral after wearing same hairstyle as Pre-K student

SUGAR LAND, TX(KDAF) – A teacher is getting lots of love for what she did for one of her students.

Leigh Bishop, a Pre-K teacher at Lakeview Elementary, told her student, August, that she liked her hair and was going to wear her hair same the next day. August didn’t believe her.

Sure enough, Bishop showed up to school the next day rocking the same style.

“Her mouth just kind of dropped,” Bishop said, “and her dad looked down, and his mouth dropped… When a teacher says ‘Oh I like your hair, I’m gonna do it,’ most kids are like, ‘Ehh, yeah right. They’re just saying it because they’re supposed to say I’m cute or something.’  But she was completely shocked, and she really liked it.”

Bishop also said she just wants to inspire people with the message – “Love yourself.”