Texas prison suicide attempts have doubled

HOUSTON—Committing suicide is a widespread epidemic that has been on the rise in recent years, but more prison suicides are going up in Texas.

The attempted suicide rate inside the state prison system has doubled in the last four years.

"There are a number of policies in place to protect people at risk earlier," said  Nubia Lluberes, the Medical Director of Mental Health at the Harris County Jail.

According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in 2013, Texas prisons averaged 65 suicide attempts per month, by 2015, that number had gone up to 97 per month.

Lluberes says mental health awareness has been rising in the correctional system over the last decade.

"More and more, you'll see programs to help patients inside correctional institutions in both jails and prisons -- anywhere from education about mental illness, treatment with medications, without medication -- just using different psychotherapy styles, behavioral changes and support," Lluberes said.