Texas State University students rally for resignation of student body president over racially-charged social media posts

SAN MARCOS, Texas— A campus controversy has rocked students at Texas State University in San Marcos.

Some enraged students are demanding student body president-- Connor Clegg-- step down after a racially-charged Instagram post from 2014 has resurfaced!

"What our student body president Connor Clegg has been posting on his Instagram," Texas State's Pan-African Action Committee's Tafari Robertson explained.

"Connor Clegg has got to go!" a group of students chanted.

"These ignorant and disgusting values have no place in our society," an angry student expressed to the campus student government body.

Clegg is catching flack for a post in which he used some racially-insensitive terms with hashtags like 'Asian Fellows' and 'Pearl Harbor was Bad.'

Yet, Clegg is asking for forgiveness and even took to Facebook to make an online apology.

"And I want to assure you, and those who know me surely agree, that my heart harbors no hate for anyone," Clegg said.

But that wasn't good enough for many students, and now they're demanding school officials take other action, too.

"We're looking at the support students receive when racist instances happen. We'd like for them to put together a task force to address the hate bias on campus," Robertson insisted.

The university president issued a statement expressing concern over Clegg's post and stressed the importance of inclusion and diversity on campus.

But after listening to dozens of students rip into the senior, Clegg says he's not stepping down at least not yet, anyway.

"I've taken everything you've said to heart," he announced at a student government meeting. "I'm going to do what I'm going to do. I'm going to pray on it."

Sounds like students just want their prayers answered to have this guy gone!