Top notch athletes sign their letters of intent for college scholarships on signing day

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HOUSTON— You may think today is Wednesday, but it's not just another day of the week in sports lingo.  It's SIGNING DAY!!!  and some of the top pics for colleges from all over the country come from our own backyard.

Football players from Lamar High school like Josh Landry, De'sahwn Jamison and AlVonte Woodard.

Landry who is going to Baylor is happy he gets to live out his dream.  "It's not too far but it's not too close," says proud mom Kimberly Landry. "I want him to go away but I want to still be able to touch him. So I'm real excited for him. He gets to live out some of his dreams."

Jamison says he's committed to The University of Texas.  "He's the only child," says mom Shantrelle Jamison. "So I'm very excited that he's only two hours away."  About his family, Jamison said, "I plan on seeing em in the stands every time I make a touchdown."

Al Vonte Woodard will also be at UT.  "I'm looking most forward to just coming in and getting to work."

From Waltrip High School, Cameron Howe will play football for Texas A & M Commerce.  "Hopefully I can do big things. Gonna red shirt my freshman year and I'm majoring in sports management."

Ulysus Rodriguez also of Waltrip will play baseball for Hill College.

Allie Schachter, from Bellaire High School, will play soccer at the University of Pennsylvania.

From Manvel High School, Jonathan Jones is going to play football at San Jacinto College.

Brian Johnson will play for Texas A & M, along with Jalen Preston. His dad, Derrick Preston said, "We`ve been doing this recruiting thing since he was a freshman. I'm glad it's over. He picked the school that he wants. Stayed loyal to that school and that's where we're at."

And last but not least Steven Shaw is headed to Texas Tech.

Clearly a proud moment for all the athletes and their families. After four years of hard work, today is definitely a day worth cheering about.

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