Caught on Camera: ‘Guilty’ dog starts fire after stealing pancake off stove while left home alone

SOUTHWICK, Mass. - Here's some food for thought!

What happens when you leave a hungry hound all alone on the loose in your home....with some leftovers on the stove?

Well, one such incident was caught on camera -- and it was not pretty at all!

A Massachusetts doggy is in hot water after stealing a pancake from the stove and starting a burning blaze in the process!

Within minutes, the stove was on fire and spreading.

After the alarm went off, the guilty dog ran for the exit.

But as time went by and flames grew higher, the pups decide to lay down.

Fortunately, the story has a happy ending since the Southwick Fire Department got to the scene just in time to save the day.

Now the firefighters want to remind everyone that alarms do work-- and safety covers for the stove could have prevented the near-tragedy.

So, watch your pets!

Meantime, looks like one pampered pooch is going to spend some quality time in different quarters-- the dog house!