Simon Says: Freaked-Out over Stocks? Here’s The “Direction” You Should Go

HOUSTON— The way things are going lately, I feel like I need to wear one of those neck braces!

You probably have whiplash after watching the stock market recently.

Up, down, up, way down and back up again.

President Trump has had a lot of ridiculous tweets, but, I have to admit, he nailed one recently when he said, “When good news is reported, the stock market goes down. Big mistake.”

No rhyme, no reason. Just, in my opinion, we're dealing with a market driven by two things: computers and emotions.

It’s the biggest lesson we all could be tucking away.

The Stock Market is the perfect example of how so many of us live our lives like we run with the herd.

The only direction for many of us—–where everyone else is going!

It’s not just the stocks, we decide on movies based on how the herd votes on places like Rotten Tomatoes.

Some of you act like idiots online and eat laundry detergent because so many other people are doing it.

I’m sure you know someone who hopped on the Philadelphia Eagles bandwagon but can’t name more than three players.

There’s a good chance you can think of other examples where everyone just goes with the flow.

Following the herd is not hard, but making your own path takes guts.

So, if the market has you down and you think your 401k is not OK, stop, take a deep breath and remember what I’m telling you: take the emotion out of it!   Be your own person with everything you do.

Make your own small herd, because everyone else is just following a bunch of bull!