Barbecue soup? Tejas Chocolate and BBQ getting rave reviews for serving up unique, Texas-style soup

HOUSTON -- This winter in Houston has been a little rough, but Tejas Chocolate and BBQ has been warming up residents with its newest BBQ soup creations.

“Well, it's soup weather. It’s cold. Soup sounds good on those kinds of days,"  said co-owner Scott Moore. "Barbecue....we have a little bit left over, we decided to re-purpose that into soup."

The restaurant uses unsold meat from the previous day to make the soup. Each soup is offered on a different day as a side item.

“We have one every day. It’s a daily special, so it changes. We’ve been trying to offer at least one soup every day of the week,” said Moore.

They have a variety of soups ranging from Brisket French Onion to Smoked Pork Chowder, and even a Spicy Chicken Tinga Tortilla -- and they’ve all been getting rave reviews.

“It’s been a big hit. They have reacted very strongly to it,” said Moore.

I know what you’re thinking, what happens when the seasons change? Well, the BBQ team is always cooking up something new to add to the menu.

“We’re always tinkering around and doing new things with new dishes and ideas. We like variety, we think it’s interesting,” Moore said.

Here’s a secret: the team has started thinking about adding some breakfast items to the menu.

In the meantime, they would love to see some new faces.

“The barbecue is good and the beer is cold, and I would love for you to come hang out with us,” said Moore.