U.S. beats Russia in mixed curling, amid behind-the-scenes drama between figure skater Adam Rippon and VP Pence

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea - Even though the opening ceremony for the Olympics isn't until Friday night, the Winter Games in South Korea are already kicking off with a rumble!

Well, not on ice, but in a somewhat icy exchange between Vice President Mike Pence and U.S. figure skater-- Adam Rippon, who also happens to be gay.

Apparently, Pence wanted to meet with Rippon to smooth over some differences they have on gay rights. Mainly, Pence's support for gay conversion therapy back when he was a congressional candidate.

But on Twitter, Pence called it 'fake news,' blaming a reporter for distorting his views from "an 18-year-old nonstory."

Ultimately, Rippon refused to meet with the Veep according to reports.

Then, Pence tweeted directly to Rippon, "We are FOR YOU" and not to let fake news distract him.

Now Rippon's mom is speaking out saying her son never refused to meet Pence altogether-- and he will possibly meet with the VP, but not until after all his Olympic competitions are over.

Talk about a distraction!

Meanwhile, the games got started with the U.S. mixed curling team, made up of a brother-sister duo from Wisconsin, who beat the Olympic athletes from Russia soundly by a score of 9 - 3.

There's no Team Russia at this Winter Games because of the Olympic doping ban, but there are 168 Russian athletes competing, so they are called OARs. Or Olympic Athletes from Russia.

The Russian mixed curling team is this young married couple with the wife being a dead-ringer for a young Angelina Jolie!

While the U.S. victory isn't exactly a repeat of the 1980 'Miracle on Ice,' it just might be a sign of things to come as Team U.S.A. goes for the gold!