Sugar Land elementary school teacher wears same hairstyle as Pre-K student to show ‘mini-me’ her beauty was inspiring

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SUGAR LAND, Texas -- They say education goes beyond the classroom and, for 4-year-old August, it's a lesson she may never forget.

Leigha Bishop is a mom to a 2-year-old girl and a "teacher-mom" to 36 Pre-K kids at Lakeview Elementary in Sugar Land-- including August, who Leigha refers to as her "mini-me."

"Whenever we walk around the school or after school and she's walking by me, people always think she's mine," Bishop said.

And Bishop's job as a role model never stops.

"It's just me showing them the same things that they do every day with their friends. They compliment their friends, they tell their friends they like their new shoes, or they did a good job being leader today," Bishop said.

One day, Bishop saw August wearing a hairstyle she liked and complimented her. But when the little girl didn't believe her, Bishop decided to show her just how much she meant it.

"Kids have the ability to inspire teachers too, so I wanted to show her that I thought she was beautiful and that I wanted to be beautiful too, so I did my hair like hers," Bishop said.

What might seem like a simple, sweet gesture goes a long way with young kids.

People on Facebook seemed to agree. The two snapped a quick picture to send to August's mom and to Bishop's surprise, the post was shared thousands of times to support the supportive teacher.

"My God-given purpose is just to have these kids realize that they are loved," Bishop said.

For Bishop, mirroring little August's hairstyle for a day may have been no big deal, but to this developing, timid 4-year-old, it meant everything.