Waco, Twin Peaks shooting cases dismissed

WACO, Texas— A legal curveball is being tossed in a deadly Texas shootout.

“Earlier today my office filed 13 motions to dismiss, two voluntary recusals, and 8 refusals from prosecution on cases stemming from the violence that occurred at Twin Peaks,” said McLennan County DA Abelino Reyna.

In May 2015, a bloody shootout between rival biker gangs at Twin Peaks in Waco left 9 bikers dead and 20 injured.

Police arrested over one hundred and seventy people. “It just looked like a horror movie, music playing in the background and it was just quiet,” said Waco Police Officer Ben Rush.

"It was really really scary we didn't know if somebody was going to come back, they said people at the doors had guns it was scary,” said a witness.

13 bikers were indicted in connection to the shooting, and now almost 3 years later their charges have been dropped. “It's been a long waiting process and every day you kind of wake up and wonder if you're ever going to get a phone call, and what's really going to happen. Who knows really or not if you'll get that phone call that your case is going to be dismissed, and I’ve been waiting a long time to hear that,” said former Twin Peak Defendant Jorge Salinas.

One of the bikers’ attorneys is blaming the legal problems of the case on McLennan County's DA.

“There are people who are responsible for that violence, and they should be held accountable, but unfortunately, the deeply misguided decision by Abel Reyna to arrest 177 people and indict 155 of them, rather than simply indicting those who engaged in the violence, that has resulted in almost three years of injustice to innocent people,” said Attorney Brian Bouffard.

The McLennan County District Attorney’s office says they're also trying to drop unrelated charges against 8 bikers who were not indicted in the violent confrontation, so for some, it's case closed, and for others the ordeal continues.