Racially insensitive science fair project has put elite academic school district program under a microscope

SACRAMENTO, California - A California school district's elite academic program is under fire after one student questioned whether certain races are too stupid to handle the program's challenging coursework.  The student, who is in the magnet program, entered his high school's science fair with a project called "Race and IQ."

It gets worse.

The student hypothesized, "If the average IQ of blacks, southeast Asians and Hispanics are lower than the average IQ's of non-Hispanic whites and northeast Asians, then racial dis-proportionality is justified."

The boy tested his race and intelligence hypothesis by giving a handful of racially diverse teens an online IQ test.  Based on his conclusions, he proved his theory and put that on display.

Offended parents demanded the project be removed and the Sacramento City Unified superintendent get involved.

"Equity, diversity and inclusion is very personal to me."  Jorge Aguilar condemned the project`s implications and is investigating whether proper instructional protocols were followed for the science fair.  "No student should ever be made to feel that their race has anything to do with their ability to succeed."

It began as a science fair experiment. But it has put diversity and objectivity under a microscope.

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