California conundrum uses DNA and social media to close cat custody battle case

SANTA ROSA, California - Custody cases are never pretty.  "This affected us emotionally, you know," said Shelby Wallace.

"Mack," the California cat's odyssey began four months ago when his family lost its home to the wildfires.  From there, Wallace learned her beloved Mack became a shelter cat, until another family adopted him.

"It's been an emotional roller coaster," she said.

Wallace was overjoyed to learn Mack was still alive, only to be told the new owners would not give him up.  She even had DNA proof the cat was Mack.  There's also a local ordinance protecting the owners of lost animals.

Despite the facts in the feline's favor, the adoptive family wasn't budging and the Sonoma County Animal Shelter had no leverage to force them to, saying, "It is a very unique situation and not one that we have any precedent for."

For Wallace, losing her furry family member was nothing short of catastrophic.  She took her cat tale to social media, which spurred hundreds of comments and #givemackback.

"How do you split a family up? And are you okay with that at the end pf the day?" Wallace asked.

Whether it was legal pressure, public pressure or just not wanting to be accused of cat-burglary, the other family caved and gave Mack back.  He was clearly content to be reunited with his sister Darcy.

"Mack knew immediately. That`'s the first person he ran to," said Wallace.  And to the other family, "We just want to say thank you for doing the right thing."

Consider this cat custody conundrum case - - -  closed!

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