New Hampshire professor argues student Australia is not a country, gives zero on assignment

MANCHESTER, NH - Geography, pop quiz.  Is Australia a country or a continent? For Southern New Hampshire University student, Ashley Arnold, it meant the difference between passing and failing an assignment.

The project compared social media use in a foreign country to the United States, and she chose Australia.

When she got her assignment back, she says she was graded a zero. The unnamed professor claimed that Australia was not a country, but a continent.

If you're confused, it's actually both. Australia is the name given to the continent that includes other countries sharing the same tectonic plates, like Papua New Guinea and part of Indonesia.

Arnold tried to argue her case with the professor and she even took it up with the university's administration, fearing that other students may have also been graded unfairly.

After they did their own homework, the school dropped the professor from the course, apologized to Arnold, and gave her a refund for the class.

She even made a B+ on the assignment afterward.

A quick internet search may have saved the professor's job. The lesson in all this might be, you're never too old to learn.