University of Houston student carjacked near campus

HOUSTON-- A University of Houston student was beaten and carjacked Monday afternoon.

According to police, the student was off campus in the parking lot of the Mormon Church when a man approached her asking for directions. He then struck the student with his fist and took her vehicle. Several other males got into the car before it fled the scene.

The victim sustained minor injuries.

The Houston area has seen a rash of carjackings, some even turning deadly.  Other students say this isn't the first time this sort of crime has happened close to campus.

“Most days I’m worried I’m going to come to my car and my window is going to be shattered, because that has happened a few times even though I don't have anything valuable in my car,” said Joseph Jeskie.

“I park very close to where it happened in the garage, and my window has been bashed in, so I’ve already been the victim of attempted robbery. I think it's pretty prevalent in this area,” said Christian Browder.

Students say this will make them more cautious as they head to the parking lot after class.

“I have to carry a backpack since I am a student, so that makes me a target. People assume you have an expensive computer. [I’ll] definitely be more cautious,” said Jeskie.

The carjacking suspect is said to be a 20- to 25-year-old male. He was driving a 2012 black Toyota Corolla.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.