Harris County Commissioners approve $105M Astrodome revamp project

HARRIS COUNTY - If you're tired of seeing the former Eighth Wonder of the World collect dust, the Harris County Commissioners Court plans to do something about that.

The commissioners unanimously voted For a $105 millionĀ  funding project to completely repurpose the Astrodome into a massive events center.

The plan also involves raising the ground level of the Dome up two floors, which will lead to a parking facility with 1,400 additional parking spots.

"Any income into the city would be great," Houston resident Zenaida Thomas suggested. "Bringing more acts, more events coming in would help, especially after Hurricane Harvey."

"That's a lot of money to spend on an extra floor and things like that," Patrice Lewis cautioned.

"I like the fact, though, that they are saving that wonderful building," Myron Phillip Papadakis said. "A lot of good memories there."

The best news for taxpayers is no tax hikes will be made to fund this project-- it's all being funded from the county's general fund and parking fees.

But before the vote passed, the commissioners court heard some opposition to that plan.

"This proposal will turn the Astrodome into a carbon-monoxide factory, and I feel sorry for the different people who will have to work on the different parking levels directing traffic," Houstonian Brendan Cooney predicted.

But the commissioners voted to proceed, though now the Texas Historical Commission has to give their blessing to the project.

"We're not converting the Dome," Harris County Judge Ed Emmett explained. "All we're doing is building a new floor that makes it usable for the tenants out there."

The project is expected to take about 17 months to complete and could get started this October.

So, H-Town.....get ready for a Dome Makeover!