NewsFix in Space: NASA tracks Tesla in space, first-ever zero-gravity dance party and UFOs targeting Michigan?

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OUTER SPACE - And now, it's time once again for NewsFix in Space!

Today's adventure takes us into Earth's outer atmosphere....where somewhere the Space X Starman mannequin is driving a red Tesla deep into outer space!

After Space X launched the cherry red Tesla Roadster into space earlier in the week, Space X provided a live feed cam to let us see what Starman is seeing.

And now that the Tesla is actually in orbit, NASA has added the space car to the objects being tracked in our solar system.

Who knows where this potential space junk will end up?

Meantime, ever wonder what a dance party in space would look like?

Well, these partiers are still 'raving' about this rave which happens to be the world's first zero gravity dance party!

Aboard a jet astronauts usually train in, these ravers enjoyed as much as 30 seconds of weightlessness during each flight dive.

Now that's a real 'space jam!'

Finally....back on Earth......could visitors from another planet be targeting the state of Michigan?

Well, the Great Lakes state seems to be a hot spot for UFO sightings.

"Based on the evidence-- not opinions-- on evidence, our planet is being visited by seemingly intelligent, technologically sophisticated creatures who appear to come to our planet, I presume, from a great distance away," one UFO researcher insisted.

Nearly 200 UFO sightings were reported there last year and already in 2018, there have been six documented sightings in Michigan.

"I'm filming a UFO, dude," Paul Reese, a resident who shot some lights in the sky, said in one of his videos. "I would've got the mother ship if I'd have been quicker with the camera."

"A white light zig-zagged all over the expanse of the sky," another witness said, describing a sighting.

Maybe the truth really is out the Wolverine State!

Until next time, keep watching the skies and keep watching...NewsFix in Space!

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