Critter News: New penguin chick at Moody Gardens, first cloned dog in Ohio, wallaby rescued in Australia, and more!

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GALVESTON, Texas - Love is in the air at Moody Gardens-- and just in time for Valentine's Day, a King Penguin baby chick has arrived to spread the love!

Yeah, the little bundle of joy just hatched last week.

The chick's mom is a 3-year old King Penguin named Simone and came to Galveston from Sea World in San Antonio a year ago.

But she's a single-parent penguin.

"Poor Simone is all by herself this time, but she is doing a fantastic job of taking care of this chick," Moody Gardens Assistant Curator Diane Olsen explained.

Nice work, Simone!

And now here's a pooch making history.......

Meet Ohio's first-ever cloned dog!

Yep, a Texas-based company called 'Viagen Pets' has been cloning farm animals for the past 15 years, and now they clone family pets, too.

"They're treated with the utmost care," Viagen Pets client service manager Melain Rodriguez said.

The process requires using living cells from your pet.

"The complete DNA is there in the cells that we culture,"  Rodriguez revealed.

It's not cheap, though......the price is 50,000 bucks!

But to keep a bit of your loving best friend around.....that's priceless.

"I'm so happy. I couldn't be more pleased," Ohio resident Kari, who had her favorite dog cloned, shared.

And here's a sight for sore eyes-- that's a wallaby in the waters of Sydney Harbour in Australia.

Luckily, a ferry crew snared a rope around the little critter and pulled him aboard to safety.

Just two weeks earlier, another wallaby was saved by cops after hopping across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

What a hopper!

Finally......a poor pup in California survived quite a terrible tale.

Someone dumped the adorable dog in the dumpster!

"Thankfully, nobody had come to pick up the trash, or that would have been a sad ending for this poor little pup," El Dorado County Animal Services Chief Henry Brzezinski declared.

A maintenance worker rescued the dog after hearing him whining inside the trash bin.

Now the pup's at a Sacramento shelter hoping for a new home.

"That's just a horrendous thing to do to an animal," Chief Brzezinski added. "That's why animal shelters exist-- we'll take animals in if people no longer want them."

There's nothing trashy about this pooch.....he's pure puppy gold!

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