Driver’s gas pedal gets stuck at around 100mph on a Florida highway

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FELLSMERE, Florida— A Florida highway looked like an action movie scene Monday when a 28-year-old driver was breaking all kinds of speed limits and had no way of stopping.  His pedal was to the metal,  but not on purpose.

From the 911 recording:
Dispatcher:  "He's going about 100 miles per hour with his gas pedal stuck."
Driver:  "I'm about to hit somebody."

While troopers raced to warn other drivers on the road, emergency dispatchers tried to help slow down the BMW SUV.

Dispatcher: "If you hit the vehicle hard enough into neutral it should go."
Driver:  "Yes, I'm trying ma'am, it's not doing nothing."
Dispatcher: "Are you pushing hard enough?"
Driver: "Yes, ma'am."

Nothing was working so troopers called in the Fellsmere Police Department to throw down the spikes. Fellsmere is about 80 miles northwest of West Palm Beach.

"The stop sticks are hollow needles and then they puncture the tire and stay in the tire," explains Sgt.l Scott Newsom. "That lets the air out of the tire slowly so the car can come to a stop safely."

After about 50, totally out of control miles, the spikes did the trick.  But the Beamer kept going about another mile and a half before finally coming to a stop engulfed in smoke.  Amazingly, no one got hurt including the driver, Joseph Cooper.  He kept his composure throughout the wild ride.

According to BMW, this particular model doesn`t have any recalls and the company plans to work with the Florida Highway Patrol`s investigation.

Cooper was fast.  Cops were furious.  Fortunately,  no one freaked out!

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