Houston CAN Academy lockdown after student allegedly brings gun to school; local school districts try to calm fears

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HOUSTON — Just one day after the horrific school shooting in Florida, the Houston CAN Academy Hobby campus went on lockdown Thursday morning after administrators say a student brought a handgun to school.

"I'm just really happy that everyone's gonna be alright," student Derin DeLeon remarked. "No one got hurt. The weapon's in the hands of the police, and it's gonna be okay, you know."

Authorities say they plan to charge the student with a felony for bringing the pistol to school.

Meanwhile, Houston ISD Superintendent Richard Carranza  gave his state of the district remarks at a time when students, teachers, and parents alike, have concerns.

"At my direction, the police department now has [...] the school supervisors have asked all their principals to review their security policies, their shelter-in-place policies, active shooter policies, etc," Carranza announced. "To ensure that we are not putting students or staff in harm's way."

After Wednesday's school shooting, some HISD students are on edge.

"Yeah, because it could happen in my school," student Danthony Jenkins suggested.

"I feel no matter what we do, it's always gonna happen," Jordan Guevara said. "There's always evil in the world, so, I mean, we can't really stop it from happening."

"I got nervous now, like...I'm scared to go to school now," Jackelin Garcia admitted.

Meantime, Katy ISD issued a statement extending condolences and standing in solidarity with the community of Parkland, Florida and reminded the Katy community "together, with our law enforcement agencies, we all play an important role in protecting students."

Fort Bend ISD sent out an email informing parents the district police department is on high alert and stepping up patrols.

The district also reminded everyone its safety and drill info are posted on its website.

In the aftermath of the suffering in Florida, the Fort Bend memo summed up "as a community, we will walk through this season...arm-in-arm to lift one another."

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