Active shooter training; How to prepare your child for a potential school shooting

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HOUSTON—Columbine, Sandy Hook and now Parkland. One hundred and twenty-two children have died in U.S. school shootings since 1998, and one would be too many.

So how do we comfort our kids and make them feel safe?

“I would tell him to pay attention to anyone who acts different, if they're really angry all the time and have problems and if they see anything to tell the teacher,” explained concerned parent, Lisa Shannon.

Outside of the classroom children have to know that their parent or guardian is there to protect the no matter what.

“Really helping kids to understand adults are here to help them, and that we are doing everything we can to make sure their safe,” said Julie Kaplow with the Texas Children’s Hospital Trauma & Grief Center.

Even at the youngest age a child can be taught how to be prepared.

“For very young children you don't want to scare them, you want to let them think that the world is safe while knowing what to do if something does happen,” explained Ehrin Weiss Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, Houston Family Psychology.

The Houston Police Department advises young children to follow the directions of the teacher if something was to ever happen during school hours.

“Encourage them to do whatever the teacher tells them to do immediately,” said Stephen Daniel with the Houston Police Department.

As for middle school aged kids and above law enforcement suggests teaching your kids the mantra of "Run, Hide,Fight.

Run away if you can, hide behind a concrete wall or anything that can stop a bullet, and in the worst-case scenario, fight to save your life.

“If he gets into your hide out and you got to go face to face you fight, you don't just allow this guy to kill you plain and simple,” said Daniel.

The bottom line is to simply keep calm and carry on. If you see something it's okay to say something and hopefully all of us even our children...can diffuse the situation before this happens again.


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