Critter News: Frog goes on, dog’s run for governor cut short, HUGE boar digs through dumpster and more!

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BOLIVIA - In fairy tales, you kiss a frog to find a prince....well, that would be just fine with this lonely frog named 'Romeo.'

Now, don't get the wrong idea...he's not a horny toad!

He's just an 11-year-old Bolivian water frog hoping to save his species.

That's why he got on to get some help finding his Juliet.

Researchers say Romeo has been calling out for a mate for 10 years now—but alas, to no response.

Now has teamed with Global Wildlife Conservation to help raise $15,000 to fund expeditions to places where Romeo's species was once common.

That's something to croak about!

And here's a real underdog candidate for Governor of Kansas.

Meet 'Angus P. Woolley' whose owners filed the paperwork to put his name on the November ballot.

Unfortunately, Angus learned politics can be a real dogfight!

The Kansas Secretary of State disqualified the pooch for not being capable of performing the governor's duties.

But Angus is still top dog at home, and his siblings-- Babe and Max-- definitely support his candidacy.

"I do believe that he is a caring, nurturing individual who cares about the best for humanity and all creatures other than squirrels," Angus' owner Terran Woolley declared.

In this political dog-eat-dog world, at least Angus believes in puppy transparency.

And talk about pigging out!

If you ever needed an excuse NOT to take out the garbage, here's a good one in China.

This video of a giant wild boar going dumpster diving in Hong Kong has gone viral.

The three little piglets stand by while their dad hunts for some grub.

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