Famed make-up artist reveals secrets of Hollywood magic

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HOLLYWOOD, Cali. - Ever wonder how Hollywood magic makes an actor transform right before your very eyes?

Well, it's not really magic....it's make-up.

And this Hollywood veteran-- make-up artist  Kazuhiro Tsujiknown, also known as 'Kazu'-- has been working his magic on famous faces for years.....like turning Jim Carrey into 'The Grinch Who Stole Christmas'.....and transforming Brad Pitt into 'Benjamin Button.'

But Kazu decided to retire from the make-up biz.....until actor Gary Oldman came calling for his latest film, "The Darkest Hour."

"I needed not only a make up artist, but I needed an artist," Oldman told a panel audience in LA last November. "...My playing Winston was really contingent on Kazu."

Kazu came out of retirement to work his magic....just one more time.

"I love to do special effects make-up, but it was stressing me too much to the level that I felt I'm shortening my life," Kazu shared.

Oldman sat in the make up chair-- three hours a day-- for 48 consecutive shooting days.

"This is the neck piece...it's like a hood piece.... that goes over his head," Kazu explained while showing off some of the intricate pieces used to transform the actor.

The attention to detail is remarkable, with Kazu even making a series of wigs from baby hair and Angora rabbit fur to further transform Oldman into Winston Churchill.

"The great thing about Gary is like he just disappears ..... after ten minutes, I start to forget about the make-up and start to forget about Gary," Kazu revealed.

The result....speaks for itself.

So, is it just make-up?

.....Or is it really magic?